Layout & design for an art project website, graphic style, logotype (2006-2008)

My artist friend Mari Keski-Korsu’s long-term art project mikroPaliskunta is a serie of expeditions that explore Finland, Finnish and social phenomena. In Autumn 2006 mikroPaliskunta travelled through Finland from the northest Nuorgam to the southest Hanko studying contemporary image of Finland 21.8. – 4.9.2006.

Who is Finnish?
What are the symbols of Finland?
How has the image of Finland changed?
And who defines it?

The first expedition, MikroPaliskunta I, travelled by a biodiesel car that was packed with five artists and the protagonist of the project; a stuffed reindeer Paavo that was searching for new members to its herd. There was a camera attached to the Paavo’s horn that took pictures in one minute intervals trough the whole trip for image line seen above. Paavo also collected stories about rendezvous, phenomena and national sceneries. There were happenings during the travel in Tornio (Aine Art Museum), in Koli (Art Center Kolin Ryynänen) and in Imatra (Imatra Main Library). I proposed a layout for the website and developed a logotype.
MikroPaliskunta II offered the audience one point of entry (URL address) to the wildly dispersed material. During two years, mikroPaliskunta had made several expeditions and lots of material (images, videos, texts) has been stored in various free services around the internet. I proposed a new layout for the website according to my friends needs and polished the logo. A “sticker version” with a thicker border is suitable to be used without a solid background and in different colour combinations.

Below:  mikroPaliskunta page layouts for 2008 (pictures 1-3)  and 2006 (picture 4 ). Pictures 5-6: mikroPaliskunta logo, and  “sticker” versions.