The ARA* Housing Renewal Program (2009-2012) final report. 2013. 143 pp + attachment

The purpose of this report, commissioned by ARA, was to promote energy efficient, affordable housing in Finland.

The Housing Renewal program consisted of housing and energy efficiency improvement pilots such as zero energy and passive level apartment buildings, row houses and detached houses, within ARA-conditions and ARA-budget limits. The projects included some refurbishment and demolition too. In addition, there are examples of municipal housing policies and real estate development.

The project results show that energy-efficiency can be achieved within reasonable costs, even with present-day energy prices.

The main challenge was the amount and quality of material, which was not uniform. How to present the projects and results in away that it is easy to digest by the largest possible audience?

*ARA=The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland. ARA has a responsibility for the implementation of Finnish housing policy. ARA grants subsidies and guarantees for construction and supervises the use of the ARA (state-supported) housing stock.

Below: Some spreads of the report.