A feasibility study of a solar power plant with ca. 40 hectares of panels. Deliverables: report, drawings. 2012.

The feasibility study focused on the possibilities of placing a solar power plant in Ă–stersundom, next to Helsinki-St. Petersburg highway.

Main issues were: scale, production potential and impact on the cityscape and nearby environment.

Though the annual production potential in Southern Finland is similar to that of Northern Germany, Finns are just starting to get the idea of solar power as a real energy alternative.

Solar power plant is silent and safe, with zero emissions. It deserves a bold form, and should not be hidden in fenced, anonymous industrial areas.

As part of the complex, we proposed an info center to host exhibition about energy production and distribution. A solar power plant can be a fascinating destination for visitors, a gate to Ă–stersundom for those who arrive along the highway, a source of pride for the locals. Estimated wattage: 27 MW, annual output 22 GWh (with standard panels of 2012).

Below: Visualisations of the power plant. VLB=is Very Large Battery. Just like Uncle mc Scrooge’s money bin.