Regional Planning course work (2009)

Deliverables: a plan, a written summary, presentation and boards.

The objectives of the course were to teach structural thinking, and how structural planning differs from urban design.  Further topics were sustainability, traffic, commerce and regional development. Groups were supposed to create a draft of a general plan, keeping in mind the larger metropolitan area.

The plan had cover a border area between two or more municipalities.

Our plan covers an area which is situated in the southern tip of Nurmijärvi, a countryside municipality just next to Helsinki Metropolitan area, and Vantaa, Finland’s 4th biggest city.  Nurmijärvi is often mentioned as an urban sprawl example, and the Finns’ persistent dream of living in single family houses and commute to Helsinki. The City of Vantaa, on the other hand, is partly very urban but its Nort-West corner is mostly sparsely populated countryside. We found out that due to  traffic, geographical, cultural and conservation constraints, there was no real connection potential between Klaukkala and Vantaa’s population clusters.  We decided to zone only a small slice of Vantaa to support Klaukkala’s commercial functions and concentrate on densifying the existing urban structure. We saw the future Klaukkala both as a lively, genuinely urban place with two clearly identifiable centers, with a lush central river valley and rich recreation opportunities.

Below: The scaled boards, originally of size A1.