Visual identity and website for Atwork (2000)

Visual material for a Helsinki-based visualization company: website, logotype, business cards, brochures, forms.

Extraits from a small company’s homesite. The site was created during the ITP 2000 -summer course at HSEBA (now part of Aalto University). Everything was produced from scrath, for the client had no material in advance.

Images – visualized metaphors – were created to represent abstract features such as of “strategy”, “risk”, “growth”, “learning” and “customized education”, “trustworthiness” etc.

The static, card-like basic layout, and the rest of the visuals included also more stereotypic business-imagery like ‘business’, technical details of tools, ‘the modern toys of boys’, but surely these were not given the main role in the cavalcade. The whole captured the rather neutral or discreet profile of the client.

The site is long gone now.
Photos: Jenni Alasuutari

Below: images used at the site.