An experimental video editing course work (2001)

Here’s a recipe for a controversial user experience: the artist is given a task that in no circumstances should be too tight defined. For example ‘the classical brief: “Do Something!” will do quite well.1) Add some more material of you choise.
2) Whisk the ingredients untill the combination is fluffy, but firm and well-balanced.

In other words: an experimental video – I learned a lot about the use of different narrative elements. I combined Schönbergs ‘Verklärte Nacht’ and video footage from Matila&Röhr’s document ‘Underwater Iceland’ with a radio interview in which a German WW2 veteran tells about his experiences in Russian front.This excersise was done at a video editing course led by a finnish editor Jukka Nykänen.

Soldat from slavinen on Vimeo.