Management insight in challenging context – two course works (2001-2002)

“LILJA” (2001)

Lilja is a short film by Anna-Maria Joakimsdottir. A co-production on Media Lab, Dept. of Film and Television, department of Scenic Design, University of Art and Design Helsinki.

My role: Producer
I had no previous experience from movie production. En route I learned a great deal of organizing, budgetting, contracts and the human nature to mention but a few.

Director, Scriptwriter: Anna-Maria Joakimsdottir
DOP: Tuomo Hutri
Scenographer: Annika Brjörkman
Sound Designer: Anne Tolkkinen
Editor: Joona Louhivuori
Composer:  Mats Gustavii
Production:  Anna-Maria Joakimsdottir, Satu Lavinen

ITV pilot “SANKARI” (2002)

An interactive TV production of Media Lab, UIAH.

My role: Production manager
Again a “little money – no time” -type of project. Some more experience of booking-cancelling-booking-cancelling – production carousel. But, oh boys, shooting is fun. Sankari is a live TV-show about a young wannabe bartender Elias, who wants to get his own talk show. The program uses video footage, and the people that call the show are performing as the bartender. Caller’s voice is part of the live TV-show, and his voice will be heard by the TV-audience. The show host guides the callers in playing the game. The editor, who is also listening, chooses adequate movie clips, and decides how the story progresses based on the caller’s rhetoric skills. Sankari won Mindtrek Grand Prix prize 2003 and articipated also in Transmediale 2005.

Director: Petri Kola
Script: Petri Kola, Minna Nurminen, Mikko Lindholm
DOP: Toke Lahti
Scenographer, Costume Designer: Riikka Paavola
Editor: Minna Nurminen
Production: Petri Kola, Minna Nurminen, Satu Lavinen

Showreels available on request.

Below: Sankari footage.