MA Final Thesis (2004)

Theme and Objectives
30-LOVE is an animation of chairs, tennis, and questionable friendship.

Bar Stool and Armchair are playing tennis. Suddenly the ball bounces off the court, and Armchair urges Bar Stool go fetch it.

This seemingly insignificant incident escalates into a unpleasant lesson for Bar Stool. Indifference can hurt as much as violence…

This piece is not mimicing “photorealism” – hence the pictorial space is free to oscillate between a wallpaper-like surface and 3-dimensional space.

Perspective, fundamental to 3D, is often simply abandoned.

Inspiration was provided by Philippe Starck’s design, surrealistic art and (mostly non-narrative) works of contemporary media-artists like John Maeda and Casey Reas.

Production: Media Lab, University of Art & Design Helsinki (UIAH, now part of Aalto University).
Workgroup: Talented and hard-working students from UIAH’s School of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design
Supervisors: Kai Lappalainen, Laura Palosaari.
Software: Softimage XSI, Photoshop, Final Cut, DVD Studio Pro, Pro Tools.
Technical information: Length 5’ 56”, PAL 4:3, sound: stereo/surround/5.1formats: DVD, Digital BetaScript, directing, modeling, materials & textures, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering, compositing: Satu Lavinen
Sound designer: Salla Hämäläinen
Composer: Kimmo Vänttinen
Editor: Pauli Ojala

30-LOVE from slavinen on Vimeo.