A pattern & character study (2004)

Deliverables: 128×28 px backgrounds, tileable patterns, an animation loop.

A work sample made for a mobile game company. An animated game character, tiling patterns and background for a 128 px mobile phone sceen (phew, that was the state-of-art 2004!) made within a couple of days.

The background graphics were – uncharacterstically to the game genre – inspired by the images of Clifton Karhu, well-known for his use of vivid colors and dramatic contrast in the images that depict the garderns, alleys and other intimately framed views, typical for traditional japanese architecture.

As one can see, the cat would need a personal trainer. I made him plump to give him some character. If he was to be used in a game, I think the colouring (or the backgrounds) should be modified, since a dark shape against dark background does not work very well.

Below: Picture 1: a modeled character. 2: tileable background patterns. 3-4: backgrounds, that were made to fit a 128 px wide mobile phone screen.