Layout for a book (2004)

This book was made for a group of mothers and their children. The book captures everyday happenings and feelings of Eemi, Iivo, Tatu, Venla and their parents. The book also contains recipes. The task included creating the layout, choosing suitable photographs and text styles and preparing the book for print.

My aim was a tranquil, airy layout and typography that does not try to steal the reader’s focus from stories and images. The cookery part uses more daring fonts that have a bit fifties-like quality.

Text:Katriina Lahtinen, Kirsi Somervuo, Jenni Sorsa, Saara Toivonen
Photographs: Lotta Partanen, writers’ families
Drawings: Erkki Somervuo, Satu Lavinen
Layout: Satu Lavinen
Print: Jyväskylän yliopistopaino 2004

Below: screenshots of the book spreads.