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Satu Lavinen
M.Sc. in Architecture,
Helsinki University of Technology
MA in New Media,
University of Art and Design Helsinki

* “Works” mean work samples, hobby projects and course works from the past.

PROFILE: I am interested in combining “traditional lines of business”, such as construction, building design and urban planning, and internet services. If necessary, borrowing mindset and methods from other fields, such as service design for the consumer market. Why? “Brick and mortar business” is really complex but also full of potential.I have leadership and management experience from an architectural consultancy. I have initiated and managed research projects and participated in several areas of general management and got a thorough “x-ray image” of the company through participating in budgeting, reporting, recruiting and job contract plus sales development, tendering and internal coaching. Besides having management expertise, I also have the ability to inspire/persuade people to undergo changes in the established procedures. I daresay I have the communication skills, stamina and perceverance that is required in order to get changes pushed through in an organization.

I am an intellectually curious person. I have the capability to sieve the essential out of large bulk or information and channelling the relevant information to the business so that it benefits both the enterprise and its clients. I consider myself a moderate technology optimist: I firmly believe that the ability to use information separates the “wheat from he chaff” also in the complex planning tasks which require human judgement.

I am interested in combining “traditional lines of business”, such as construction, building design and urban planning, and digital services.

CAREER OBJECTIVE:I want to further develop my business and financial acumen for the benefit of the well-built, equal environment and its users – us all. I have worked with many kinds of people in very different companies. Bright colleagues and peers who think differently make me flourish and try harder. I am willing to work hard in the pursuit of solutions that improve the surrounding world.